When he was a young boy of four years old, Asher laid his hands on a camera for the first time to frame the extraordinary world he saw but for which he did not yet have descriptors. Capturing fleeting moments through his lens, Asher felt empowered to communicate the intricate awe of the world as he saw it. His passion for capturing a finite moment and making it infinite led Asher to Southern Utah University, where he graduated with a B.I.S. in Photography with an emphasis in Studio Arts. Understanding deeply that human perception plays a significant role in how images are interpreted, Asher also completed a Psychology degree with an emphasis in behavior and neurology. Throughout the evolution of his work, Asher has found working with light, whether found or created, to be one of his greatest challenges. Lighting can invoke emotion that would otherwise be lost if an image is not lit properly. With patience and persistence, Asher continues to discover new ways to shape the light in the way that evokes the same emotion of the moment the image he is capturing. Asher’s art has been published in multiple magazines and newspapers across the country, and his work has been exhibited in several galleries and shows. Now, as a professional, published photographer, Asher works within the realm of portraiture and fine art photography. He paints with light and consistently keeps his eyes open to the possibilities of a moment that may be captured for eternity, thriving in the creative realm of thought as he seeks out his next photographic venture.

Asher may be reached via and 707.217.4381.

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