About me - Swan-Photography

Asher J. Swan seeks the image that is yet to be taken. As a photographer he always has his camera with him. That has been this way since he was a child when his parents gave him his first camera. He loves to tell a story with every image, and transcend the obvious

Asher received his Bachelors degree in three different areas of expertise, Fine Art Photography, Communication, and Psychology. Now as a professional, published photographer, Asher works within the realm of portraiture, and fine art photography and is very detail oriented with his work. He paints with light, and is constantly keeping his eyes open to the possibilities of a moment that could be held. 

Asher wants to relate to people, and make sure his work is also relatable, through his medium of photography. Seeking the middle of the moment is the best part of life for him. That intrinsic point between the constant beginning, and end in the moment’s life. He purposefully positions himself there. It where he feels the happiest.

Asher thrives in the creative realm of thought as he seeks his next photographic venture, be it an abandoned building or a late night in his studio, the exposure triangle is not lost with him. He studies it in a manner a scientist would a cell. In order to understand the whole, you must understand the sum of all its parts. Asher admits he has a very diverse palette when it comes to photography. But also follows up with the passion for love having that camera in his hand no matter what he is capturing, its always a learning experience and fun for him.

These developed styles do not delineate his passion for the craft at its simplest level, as it was for him as a child. Moments captured bring smiles to the people who see them. Photography is his happy thought that he gets to share with the world, it’s his way of giving a piece of himself he could never say in words. Feeling blessed that after 30 plus years of using his imagination, he has found that beauty is all around, at every moment, of every day, never stop looking, he won't.

Asher J. Swan now resides in Dallas, Texas and is available for bookings. 

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